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B. McLellan Industries

Founded in 1965, McLellan is defined as delivering the highest quality machinery for mining, construction, and agriculture. They are pioneers in the development of technology of Mill Liner Handlers, utilitary equipment for AG / SAG / Balls Mills of various sizes and leading specialized vehicle manufacturers for mining, construction and agriculture.


McLellan is proud to work closely with its customers, especially in research and development projects. They are ASME certified and in compliance with the current DOT 406 rule (that is used in the United States). Quality assurance, certified welders, metal pedigree, all contribute to the quality and integrity of their products.


Main marketed equipment:

1. Mill Liner Handler: Highly specialized Machinery for the change of mill shields that reduces the time of this operation and significantly increases the industrial safety of it.


2. Bolt Buster: Pneumatic hammer equipment designed to remove lug nut from the bolt (shielding parts) of the shells of the mills during lining operations. Some specially designed mills can also be used to throw the same bolts.


3. Feed Chute Transporter: Self-propelled vehicle with special hydraulic jack system that separate and move feed chute car. These devices eliminate the need of complex winches and pulleys systems to pull the car in four directions as well as the turntable to turn it 90 degrees.


4. Original Spare parts: All original spare parts of the described equipment.



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