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Design and construction of infrastructure

We design and develop special works, either by geographic location, specialization of the project, or important limitations such as extraordinary construction parameters, lead times, among others. The following are highlighted:


1. Laboratories, offices, warehouses, workshops, etc.

2. Mechanical infrastructure for Mining: heavy and light machinery washing systems, overhead cranes, oil, grease and air distribution systems in workshops, oil dialysis and diesel centrifugation systems, etc.

3. Infrastructure (pneumatic, hydraulic, lubrication, etc.)

4. Remodeling / conditioning of industrial warehouses

5. Conditioning of Pintro sheet roofs and installation of industrial equipment.

6. Conditioning of electrical and communication networks for industrial warehouses.

7. Demolition of industrial warehouses and waste scrapping.


Development of Hoist Plants

Our capabilities of design, construction, and representation Timberland Equipment Limited ® allow us to offer turn-key plus projects, including installation, verifications, spare parts, servicing, and recertifications once the equipment is up and running.


We have the capacity to support our customers with the development of, among others:


1. Cartridges

2. Boats (skips)

3. Cages

4. Galloways and mancages for shaft sinking

5. Castles

6. Feed chutes

7. Conveyor belts

8. Chutes

9. Loading and unloading Truck systems

10. Hoist houses

     A. Hoist foundation

     B. Traveling Crane Systems

     C. Operating Rooms

     D. Machine Rooms

     E. Fire protection system

     F. Communication system

11. Electrical Substations and installations



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